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Problem with special keys as shortcuts

Hello everybody,

Is nice to see development is backing :)

So, i'm using windowmaker at FreeBSD and found a problem yesterday.
I've started to use a Sun Type 7 Keyboard, and it has some special keys,
xorg was configured to recognize these keys and they worked fine. But,
I add some shortcuts on some menu itens using these keys, when I add
and save, it works like a charm, but after restart wmaker, it stops working,
actually, the name of the key don't appear on right side of menu anymore,
but, the key is still configured inside WMRootMenu, like you can see at this

(Run..., SHORTCUT, SunOpen, EXEC, gmrun),

SunOpen is the name of special key, it seems to be a bug, IMHO, what
do you think?

Renato Botelho

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