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problem of including external menu files in proplist format


The WindowMaker root menu file WMRootMenu, written in proplist format,
can be configured to include external menu files, with syntax of type

 ("Office",  OPEN_MENU, "$X11_DIR/share/WindowMaker/Menus/office.menu"),

If the external file  office.menu  is written in the old format of  eg

   Office  MENU
   Office  END

then the sub-menu and its contents are correctly displayed in the WindowMaker
root menu.

However, if the syntax of the file is written in the new proplist format,
then only the title of the sub-menu is displayed, and the sub-menu contents
are missing.

This has also been obeserved by J H Robinson who has tried creating
a sub-menu in proplist format with the WPrefs utility.

Thanking you for your attention and for any resolution of the problem,
J G Miller

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