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Re: Path to 0.92.1


> I have applied the following patches:

You missed the bug fixes which happened on Dan's darcs after 0.92.0
was out, and they are important too.

> changeset:   1579:b58506ad5908
> branch:      wm_0_92_0
> user:        John H. Robinson, IV <jaqque@sbih.org>
> date:        Sun Oct 26 18:28:03 2008 -0700
> summary:     gcc-4 asm fixes

This one you said that its author was unknown, but this patch
was already in the post 0.92.0 development as commit


from Vladimir Nadvornik <nadvornik@suse.cz>

> changeset:   1580:2781a4dfcba7
> branch:      wm_0_92_0
> user:        John H. Robinson, IV <jaqque@sbih.org>
> date:        Sun Oct 26 20:06:58 2008 -0700
> summary:     64bit & endian fixes

This one too, it was already there with known author.

> changeset:   1583:8a17d060d62a
> branch:      wm_0_92_0
> user:        John H. Robinson, IV <jaqque@sbih.org>
> date:        Sun Oct 26 21:03:36 2008 -0700
> summary:     Fix keyboard freezing

Hey, you missed the nice commit log which Pedro wrote to explain what and
why he was doing that fix.
I think it is equally important as the fix itself to have a good explanation
of what someone is fixing!

For example, "Fix keyboard freezing" as the only log doesn't tell you anything.
It is not even accurate AFAICT.

When he sent me the fix that I applied it the git repo I manifestly asked him
for a good explanation to write in the log, so that people can understand
the issue better.

Can you fix that?

> These are the outstanding bugs that I am aware of. If there are any
> more - please let me know. The branch compiles on x86_64 with gcc-4.3.2.

Please take a look at the bug fixes after 0.92.0 was out.

For example these:


and a few others.

I am sorry to perturb you about this.
You deserve a really big big "thank you" too! :-)


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