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Re: Path to 0.92.1

On Monday 27 October 2008, John H. Robinson, IV wrote:
> Carlos R. Mafra wrote:
> > You missed the bug fixes which happened on Dan's darcs after 0.92.0
> > was out, and they are important too.
> I did not take a look at the dan branch when I applied these. I had
> limited myself to the Debian patches, and the WMCreateFont() bug you
> fixed.

That WMCreateFont patch is a bad idea. A library (like WINGs) should never 
decide what to do when something that was asked from the application is 
not available, even less decide to kill the application (when the default 
is not available either). That code/decision should reside in the calling 
application (what if the application wants to use a different default 
when some font is not available, how does it tell that the first font it 
asked for is available or it just got a default replacement?)


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