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Re: Path to 0.92.1

Dan Pascu wrote:
> On Monday 27 October 2008, John H. Robinson, IV wrote:
>> Carlos R. Mafra wrote:
>>> You missed the bug fixes which happened on Dan's darcs after 0.92.0
>>> was out, and they are important too.
>> I did not take a look at the dan branch when I applied these. I had
>> limited myself to the Debian patches, and the WMCreateFont() bug you
>> fixed.
> That WMCreateFont patch is a bad idea. A library (like WINGs) should never 
> decide what to do when something that was asked from the application is 
> not available, even less decide to kill the application (when the default 
> is not available either). That code/decision should reside in the calling 
> application (what if the application wants to use a different default 
> when some font is not available, how does it tell that the first font it 
> asked for is available or it just got a default replacement?)

Right, fair enough.

When I tried to fix the crash I considered WINGs to be unique to Window Maker,
I guess. And not a general library.

So I will try to come with a better patch for that in the next days, unless
someone beats me to it (as I am not a good programmer).

In the meantime, we can revert it.

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