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Re: [PATCH 05 of 22] updated german translations

Selon "John H. Robinson, IV" <jaqque@sbih.org>:

> # HG changeset patch
> # User Dan Pascu <dan@ag-projects.com>
> # Date 1120592466 25200
> # Branch wm_0_92
> # Node ID 1bdc6ee8e3160f2cdbea0816840c4b074d19930b
> # Parent  45599f7ef0968081e08c8d2054fb6b8c3b7ca54a
> updated german translations
> (transplanted from 5a9bc13cbf2c19b6ecb2a8ca0f7ead656fef67dc)
Hi there!

Since I'm new to this system, I'd like to know if it is possible to assign
translations tasks to unique translators or if a 'just commit' translation is
sufficient to be published. Should the last former translators (in .po files) be
contacted if they wish to be charge of the translation again?

Great to see windowmaker alive again. Sry for my english.

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