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Re: Question about configure/Makefile

rolland.santimano@yahoo.com wrote:
> I don't have the answer to your quesn, but it would be really nice to be able to also log the long form of the compile cmd. This would be useful in 2 cases:
> [1] debug the compile process itself
> [2] figure out compile flags, headers & libs, etc that get passed for each file
> Maybe an option to toggle between short & long form output, but which defaults to long form ?

Yes, of course one should be able to choose the quiet/verbose versions. I would like it to
be a ./configure option like --quiet or something like that (with default being the verbose

But it is much better to have a clean compilation in my humble opinion. That makes the
compile warnings much more visible, for sure.

But unfortunately I don't understand how much one can tune the results for the generated files
with automake etc.

I got close to a clean compilation using an ugly construct with sed and

s/$(COMPILE)/@echo Compiling $@; $(COMPILE)/g

but I want a ./configure based solution, if possible.

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