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Re: Path to 0.92.1

Dan Pascu wrote:
> On Saturday 01 November 2008, John H. Robinson, IV wrote:
>> John H. Robinson, IV wrote:
>>> Since there have been no complaints, I have committed the patches
>>> from the patch set I posted a few days ago. I have also bumped up the
>>> version number to 0.92.1pre.
>>> I would be very grateful if people would download and test.
>>> http://hg.windowmaker.info/wmaker/archive/wm_0_92.tar.bz2
>> It looks like we may need to bump up our dependent version of automake:
>> automake-1.7 is clean
> I made it work with 1.7 a long time ago. You can consider 1.7 to be the 
> standard supported version.

Hi Dan,

What do you think about that patch I sent to address the warnings for >= 1.8 ?

Do you think it is worth having it even if the 1.7 will be the standard?

I think a lot of people on recent distros will see those warnings, and it
would be good to not have the warnings, right?

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