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Re: Attempt to beautify compilation

Dan Pascu wrote:
> On Tuesday 04 November 2008, Dan Pascu wrote:
>> So I'm not sure if this feature will outweight its side effects.
> As a note, if the quiet compilation would be able to display the command 
> used to compile a file when there is an error compiling it, then it would 
> probably outweight the issue I mentioned before.

Thanks for your comments. I agree with them and I still have to study what
happens when something miscompiles.

But the idea really is that this option would be used by a developer, which
can handle the errors. But if he/she knows that everything compiles cleanly
at some point, he/she can switch off the verbose messages and pay more
attention to what _changes_ after hacking something.

When I am compiling wmaker it is a pain to see gcc warnings, and this
issue goes away by enabling a quiet compilation because they really
stand out that way.

[ The compilation log I posted in the webpage had no warnings
because I got it with "make > compile_log.txt" and the warnings are
not redirected. ]

I mean, I compile the linux kernel and git itself _very_ frequently
to help catching up regressions etc. And those two projects have
a _very_ clean compilation, and somehow I became used to it and
wanted something similar with wmaker. But maybe that is just me :-)

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