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Re: Shortcuts patch (was Re: Path to 0.92.1)

On Thu, 06 Nov 2008 14:08:19 +0100
"Carlos R. Mafra" <crmafra@gmail.com> wrote:

> > 
> > Sure, i just don't know who is patch's author, since i took
> > it from fedora src.rpm, does it matter?
> Ah, ok. Thanks for volunteering for this task :-)
> It is important to have proper authorship recognized in the logs,
> but when this is not possible we can simply have Author: unknown.

See here:

Alexy Voinov is the author of the wdm display mgr and the windowmaker maintainer for the sisyphus (altlinux) russian distro. He had another page which I can't find which gave a little more info about the origins of many of the patches he uses. Some of them are by him, but others were contributed or collected by him.

Speaking  of wdm, I have a wmaker patch which is needed so that wdm can compile against the WINGs libs. After 0.90.0 or 0.90.1, the library linking was changed so that no WINGs shared löibraries are produced unless the patch is used. Since wdm is the only thing out there that uses the libs this hasn't gotten much attention. But, since WDM makes a great companion to wmaker I think the patch should go in. Carlos, I believe I sent you a copy of the patch before?

Also, I have one 'gripe' about wmaker that bothers me, but I'm probably not a good enough coder to come up with a fix on my own. When right clicking on a un-docked DockApp and choosing 'Kill', the pop-window that follows thats says:
'Kill Application' shows the window class instead of the window name: 'DockApp will be forcibly closed' instead of:
'YawmPPP will be forcibly closed' (for example).

This is not noticable with all DockApps because many, or most of them have the same window 'class' as window 'name'. For me, though, this happens with all my DockApps becuase i have them all patched to use 'DockApp' as the class, instead of using the same string as for the window 'name', if they are not already that way. In other words, some DockApps already have the class set to DockApp. the diference seems to be related to the libdockapp API -this was changed and the library was incorporated into Wutils libs.

I deliberately patch the DockApps this way because I run wmaker with both the Dock and Clip disabled. I also disable all mini-windows and application and shared icons. This means that I get a completely clean desktop and only DockApps get shown when they are running (undocked). When started, they run with the icon in the location specified in the options. The key thing here, is that only DockApps which have their window 'class' set to 'DockApp' will show up. Those (many) DockApps which have the class set to the window 'name' will not display at all on the screen.

I have no problem patching nearly any DockApp to change the class to DockApp, but the undelying behaviour of wmaker which doesn't show the name of the app in the kill panel is bothersome.

About the sisyphus patches, a search for WindowMaker-0.92.0-alt.src.rpm will get you the whole collection. the wmaker.spec file included gives some ifno on each patch. The nicest one that I use is the one which adds a history function to the 'runbox' widget -very handy indeed. Since I have updated some of these, I'll collect them and post them separately.

Gilbert Ashley

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