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Re: Shortcuts patch (was Re: Path to 0.92.1)

Carlos R. Mafra wrote:
> On Thu  6.Nov'08 at 12:11:41 -0800, John H. Robinson, IV wrote:
> > 
> > hg commit --user "unknown"
> > 
> > --user can be shortened to -u
> Thanks John.

You're welcome.

> And for the record, there is also a
> git commit --author=<author>
> way of doing this too.

I tried to use the git-style commit log tagging method, but that is a no
go for Mercurial.

> But now it has already been determined that the author is not
> unknown :-)

So I found out, and still I wanted to answer the question. It was a good
one, and a similar scenario will likely come up again.

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