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Re: [PATCH 08 of 22] eliminated gcc-4 compilation warnings

Carlos R. Mafra wrote:
> Hm, I think I didn't express myself well.
> I was just disappointed by the fact that I didn't see what
> those warnings he said he was fixing were. So I reverted
> his patch and compiled wmaker again expecting to see the
> warnings which were fixed by the patch, but only one
> such warning came up. The one in startup.c:613, which
> is indeed fixed by that part of Dan's patch which I quoted.

So - going forward - you would like to see more specific information in
the commit log.

> So in summary: You don't need to do anything :-)

Even better!

> I was just curious about the warnings and thought it
> would be a good motivation to review his patch, but
> I couldn't reproduce the warnings here (which is
> not unexpected, as I have a different gcc, different
> cpu etc).

Quite likely. That patch is three years old - there was even a Debian
release in that time!

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