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who's responsible for ./debian directory ?


i don't know for sure who mantains the content of the debian
directory, with all the stuff needed to generate .deb packages. are
the guys on debian's many lists or the nice people from this one ?

i'm asking this because i've been working on a new menu-method script
that debian uses to create menus for many diferent kinds of window

what my script does different than the current method on debian, is
generate a proplist, instead of an old "menu.hook". right now, it does
most of the things right, but it still need some testing to see if
there's any bug left.

if i send my menu-method to this list, and it's sound (i.e. i squash
the few remaining bugs), will it be picked by debian when they pull
wmaker-crm ? or should i send it to debian too ?

Bento Loewenstein

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