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Window Maker 0.95.5

I'm announcing the Window Maker 0.95.5 release.

I didn't have time yet to update www.windowmaker.org yet, but I'll
try to do it in the next few days.

The diffstat since 0.95.4 shows this:

251 files changed, 11213 insertions(+), 6113 deletions(-)

That looks like a lot, but most lines of added "code" comes from
translation updates and xpm files, but still. As you well know,
Window Maker does not get bloated as time goes by.

Having said that, it is nevertheless a pleasure to mention that this
release includes the "drawer" feature by Daniel Déchelotte. I've been
using it since the code landed in the #next branch and I like it very

For more information about the drawer, go to Daniel's webpage:


and please people out there, consider updating the documentation
in the website http://windowmaker.org/docs.php

There are many other patches worth mentioning but the email would
get much bigger. Please ask for help from our deepest friend called
'git log', he/she/it never lets you down.

Thanks to all contributors and testers.

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