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Welcome to Window Maker User

On behalf of the entire Window Maker team, I welcome you to the Window
Maker list.

We have plans for revamping one of the best window managers ever, but
frst let me go over some of our immediate plans.

First and foremost, we have our new hardware being hosted by The Planet.

The website is up. Expect regular updates.

We have the mailing lists up and running.
The web archives are available at http://lists.windowmaker.info/ and
Gmane is also providing a mail to news gateway for us.
We are working on getting the source code repository up. We will be
using the darcs source code management system <http://darcs.net/>.

We are on twitter! http://twitter.com/wmaker

We are eagerly looking forward to making the best window manager that we

Thank you for your continued support throughout the years.

John H. Robinson, IV          jaqque@windowmaker.info
                                                                 http  ((((
WARNING: I cannot be held responsible for the above,         sbih.org ( )(:[
as apparently my cats have learned how to type.          spiders.html  ((((

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