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Focus policy suggestment: Stop-focus option


Would it be possible to implement a stop-focus option, as an alternative to
click-to-focus and traditional focus-follows-mouse/sloppy-focus?

Stop-focus is like sloppy-focus, but unlike sloppy-focus, a window loses the
focus when the mouse pointer *stops* at another window, not when the pointer
merely goes into it.

This feature is available in sawfish through a script:
( http://sawfish.wikia.com/wiki/Stop-focus )
(I got the idea from http://glyphobet.net/blog/essay/234 )

When I want to enter a command in an xterm window without having to raise
it, I move the pointer into the xterm and, before the autoraise time
elapses, move the pointer onto the root window. But sometimes I've found myself
with no direct exit to the root window, or a not easy path, because of the
disturbing presence of other windows. At these moments I think stop-focus would
be a nice feature.

Moreover, stop-focus would make GNUstep usable to sloppy-focus minded users.
(Personally, I'd be very unwilling to switch to c-t-f mode: due to RSI
problems, I want to spare every click I can).


Juan Leseduarte