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Re: Windowing problem under WindowMaker

2009/4/28 didier gaumet <didier.gaumet@libertysurf.fr>:
> Did you try to give the twitterfox window the "keep on top" attribute ?
> Take a look there: http://main.linuxfocus.org/~georges.t/win.html

Yes I tried, but the twitterfox dialog window is labelled as
Iceweasel, like the main browser one.
With xwininfo -wm I get:
 - xwininfo: Window id: 0x1a00049 "Gmail - Windowing problem under
WindowMaker - analogue@gmail.com - Iceweasel"
 - xwininfo: Window id: 0x1a001b7 "Iceweasel"
The second one is twitterfox.

I investigated a bit, and the problem seems to be that whenever I give
the focus to twitterfox,

If I'm using manual mode (click to focus) I can bring the twitterfox
to the front (by bringing firefox to the back) but I can't send any
mouse/keyboard event to twitterfox. As soon as I do it, firefox gets
to the front.
If I'm using auto mode (focus follow mouse), as soon as the mouse
enter the client area of twitterfox, firefox get to the front.

Any way to fix it ?

Thanks again.

Laurent Raufaste

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