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Re: Plans for the future?

hehe, sorry, no internet at my new place yet.
I am very excited to seem some progress in window maker.
Out side of the ussual compatability and stability that is being
resolved, I would like to see the following.
Maximus Support:  Maximize to the most available space without
overlapping any windows.
Transition effects between screens.
Sliding, Fade from back, something, just pick one and let people turn it
on or off.
Ability to make buttons on the applications title bar.  I like max and
close, but I would like others.
Better theming support.  Perhaps even like QT with css tag like
interface. (That or xml)

On Thu, 2009-07-30 at 19:56 -0400, sean wrote:
> sean wrote:
> > So would anyone know what is planned for the future of Window Maker?
> > 
> The lack of responses is not very encouraging.
> I had hoped someone had some insights.

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