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Re: Plans for the future?

Alessandro Rendina wrote:
> I think that wmaker need more integration with gnome, I'd like that the
> dock can integrate gnome applet and a menu bar.

I would not want to see Windowmaker become so integrated with Gnome,
KDE, or anything else. If Gnome is wanted, run Gnome or XFCE, or
something like that.

I would just like to see Windowmaker continually improve, easily
configurable, and of course light on resources.
Being light on resources, different and unique as to the user interface
design is what caught my attention, and keeps it.
Plus dockapps can be fun.

Take advantage of new tech whenever able, but do not weigh it down
I recall someone once mentioning that there was an idea to allow
developers to easily produce plug-ins to extend functionality of
Windowmaker, that sounds interesting.
This could allow someone to add things, perhaps that Gnome support
mentioned previously, a built in PIM, fireworks displays, whatever, but
give the user the option, do not bolt on such a thing that cannot be
turned off.
Some sort of sound integration add-on might be a nice plug-in.

Try to keep things easily configurable using the GUI prefs whenever
possible. The average user, which I think is good mark to keep in mind
when developing and who will be using, does not want to go to the
command line just to set a background.
Advanced options could also be included in the GUI prefs and/or the
command line.

Just to see this little bit of activity on the list is encouraging. I
have been wondering of things of late, which resulted in my original post.
Oh, the web site must display that there is still activity and life in
Windowmaker. Right now it gives the impression that it is in the grave.

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