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Re: Plans for the future?

sean wrote:
> Alessandro Rendina wrote:
>> I think that wmaker need more integration with gnome, I'd like that the
>> dock can integrate gnome applet and a menu bar.
> I would not want to see Windowmaker become so integrated with Gnome,
> KDE, or anything else. If Gnome is wanted, run Gnome or XFCE, or
> something like that.

Yes, definitely. Why all these people which suggest mixing things
with Gnome, KDE or whatever don't use those instead?

"More integration" with Gnome does not really make sense to me.
Window Maker has to be a window manager with no integration to
anything else than its own principles of lightweight etc.

Window Maker is what it is. And that is what makes it great. There
is no need to come up with fancier desktop kind of thing, because
wmaker is not a desktop environment.

> Just to see this little bit of activity on the list is encouraging. I
> have been wondering of things of late, which resulted in my original post.
> Oh, the web site must display that there is still activity and life in
> Windowmaker. Right now it gives the impression that it is in the grave.

I think wmaker has to be alive in the sense of _maintained_ towards
fixing bugs and improvements which make sense in the window _manager_

So for example, there was that issue with wmaker waking up the CPU
gratuitously with 4 wakeups/sec, as one can easily see in an idle
state using powertop. That is something worth fixing, and if
there are capable people lurking in the mailing list that can be
eventually be solved etc. But that is it, one bug, one fix.

[ I had a patch which was ameliorated by Rodney Padgett to reduce
the wakeups to zero, they are in my git repo
and I never had problems with it all this time. But there were
some issues with it that Dan Pascu pointed out and those patches
never made it to the mercurial tree. But I think it is worth
revisiting that issue and fix it for good. ]

Other than those little things, I think that "not too much activity"
is a measure of how good wmaker is. Nobody is expecting TeX to
be updated monthly etc, because it is already _perfect_. That is
almost the same thing with wmaker, IMHO.

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