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Re: SV: Platform Independent Applications

jimmie.andersson@telenor.com wrote:
> I too use Thunar for filemanagement and then I use Pidgin for MSN and
> mplayer for videos and firefox for webbrowsing. Gpicview for looking
> at images. Well that´s about it really :-))
> // Jimmie

Some of my main applications.
-Thunderbird (I have the lightning extension added to see if Thunderbird
works as a PIM. I have also been playing with Claws Mail a bit, but
Thunderbird is my current main choice.)

-Ekiga (I am not running the latest version of Ekiga yet. The latest
version appears to pull in numerous Gnome related dependencies.)
-Recently started trying out HomeBank as a financial application. It,
like Claws-Mail, also have versions for my Nokia Internet Tablet.

-Mplayer and Xine for audio and video needs. (I cannot pick between the
two. I have thought about an actual CD application such as Audacious,
but then I think why install something else?)

-I have not found a lightweight image viewer I like yet. Perhaps I will
check out your Gpicview application.
-K3B (Found nothing lighter that I liked.)

Some of my dockapps, some I run just because I like the way they look.
-I use to run wmpinboard, but it always segfaults on me now.

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