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Re: Platform Independent Applications

sean wrote:
> Just wondering what some users here find as their most useful platform
> independent applications?
> What I mean by this is that the application is not tied into KDE, Gnome,
> or something else that bloats things up.
> Things such as Instant Messaging, File Manager, Office Package, Movie or
> Audio players, system monitors, anything that you might think would
> interest a Window Maker user.

Instant Messaging: bitlbee+irssi, pidgin
File manager: zsh + ls/rm/cp/ln (console tools)
Office Package: vim, LyX
Movie: mplayer
Audio: audacious (with wmauda)
Image: display (from ImageMagick), feh
System monitors: wmbubble(bubblemon), wmtz, wmcalclock
Browser: firefox, links2, lynx
Email: mutt
Terminal emulator: aterm (transitioning to rxvt-unicode)

John H. Robinson, IV          jaqque@sbih.org
                                                                 http  ((((
WARNING: I cannot be held responsible for the above,         sbih.org ( )(:[
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