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Re: SV: Plans for the future?

jimmie.andersson@telenor.com wrote:
> Nice to hear, that?s really good news! When can we expect some update on the homepage? And do you have any places to go for themes and dockapps??

I don't actually edit the main website.

I went on a campaign to find lots and lots of themes about a year ago. I
still have what I found, but I have not put them up anywhere.

Dockapps.org is currently down, but there is work being made to bring it
back up.

> Wouldn?t it be nice to have a forum too where users of windowmaker can gather and talk about their experiences?

I don't like web forums, so I won't do any work towards that end. That
said - I won't stand in the way of anyone else.

The redmin bugtracker in use on
http://bugs.windowmaker.org/projects/wmaker has support for a forum. If
anyone is interested in managing it, let me know. I'll enable it and set
you up as moderator.

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