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Re: Movie appearance

I saw windowmaker in an american film a while back, but I forget what it was.  It was a big-budget movie tho.  I'll post if I remember.

But I do remember pausing the new James Bond film at the point where they look at the screen, tracking where the satellite was targetting (or whatever), and the text on the screen indicated that his bittorrent client had crashed on his Mac.   gah.

2009/9/14 <jimmie.andersson@telenor.com>

Has anyone here seen the new Swedish movie "Men who hate woman", in swedish Män som hatar kvinnor".

Correct me if I´m wrong but I am pretty sure that it is windowmaker used on a computer in this movie, at a hackers place. I have to download this movie and check it again today. It is the first time I have seen wmaker in a movie! :-))

// Jimmie

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