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[Announcement] wmlaptop2

I've just set up a git repo for my forked version of wmlaptop, called


You can use git to clone it as usual, or you can choose to download the
tarball by clicking on the "tar.gz" or "zip" link next to "snapshot".

wmlaptop2 displays more information than wmlaptop by adding CPU temperature 
and power usage in Watts (displayed in red if battery is discharging or green 
if charging. See attached images). 

[ The code for power usage was mostly stolen from Powertop,
  but last week Nicolas Bonifas sent me a patch replacing it with a
  /sys based solution. The git repo does not have my development
  history since version 1.4 (it was a bit messy), so the contribution 
  by Nicolas is unfortunately not properly attributed in a commit
  with his name as Author (sorry Nicolas!). ]

The original wmlaptop is a great dockapp, but I decided (in June 2007) to
make it better. And while I was reading the code I felt that it was 
a bit bloaty, so I removed everything which I didn't care about. Furthermore,
all the code which was used to set the CPU frequency through the 'userspace'
governor was removed, because the 'ondemand' linux governor is much better 
to set the appropriate CPU frequency on demand.

As a result of all the code removal and clean ups, the code size
is less than a half of the original wmlaptop-1.4 :-)

But anyway, this is my fork of wmlaptop with the things I care about
(so the code style also changed etc). But I announce it here because
maybe there will be more people which will find it useful.

PNG image

PNG image