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lost customization during xorg upgrade


I recently upgraded xorg-serve to (gentoo linux) and now
wmaker does not work with my configuration files (I get the window
error: Window Maker received signal 6).

Windowmaker was upgraded to 0.92.0-r7 (gentoo); I think. I am not sure
what version I was running previously. I can get wmaker started by using
a brand new default GNUStep/. Using wmakerconf I was able to read the
WindowMaker file which restored some of the my previous configuration.
Also I copied my previous WMRootMenu file over into GNUStep/Defaults/
which restored some of my customization. However, I still miss all my
workspaces, background images (paperwall), window focusing, etc.

Is there a solution to recover all the customization during these
upgrades? It is the second time I have seen this happening.



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