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Re: mouse pointer image

Concrete jungle, oh wmaker-user, you've got to do your best...

Thanks a lot. You replied crazy faster than on an IRC. ;)
I think I've got this thing work for me. Helpful links were:
Just hope those will be helpful for WM users.
Does anybody know how to make semi-transparent yellow round below cursor? Is
that what the "mask" for?
I should record a screencast with ffmpeg. Should search for this, too, but
don't know how this technique is named.

2009/10/26 08:47:55 -0700 "John H. Robinson, IV" <jaqque@sbih.org> => To
wmaker-user@lists.windowmaker.org :
JHRI> Peter Vereshagin wrote:
JHRI> > 
JHRI> > Upon execution WM changes the mouse pointer from 'X' to an arrow.
JHRI> > Can we say it is taken from a picture or it is hard-coded?
JHRI> > I want to tweak mouse cursor image, is it possible at all?
JHRI> You can use the xsetroot(1) command, along with the cursor file of your
JHRI> choosing. If you place that into your
JHRI> ~/GNUstep/Library/WindowMaker/autostart then it will run each time
JHRI> Window Maker is started.
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